American Stroke Association honors Jun Chen for outstanding research

Jun ChenJun Chen, MD, has received the 2018 Thomas Willis Lecture Award from the American Stroke Association for significant basic-science contributions to investigation and management of stroke. Chen is the Richard K. Mellon Professor and Director of the Center of Cerebrovascular Disease Research and the UPMC Endowed Chair Professor and Director of the Pittsburgh Institute of Brain Disorders & Recovery at Pitt.

Chen also runs a second international research laboratory on brain injury and recovery at Fudan University in Shanghai. Last year, Chen was appointed editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism. His laboratories focus on preclinical and translational neuroscience research, including the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying neuronal degeneration in models of cerebral ischemia or traumatic brain injury; and the role of endogenous neuroprotection.

Chen is scheduled to give the Thomas Willis Lecture, "Mechanistic Research to Identify Novel Targets for Stroke Therapy: The Dawn of a New Era of Integrative Approaches," this morning at the International Stroke Conference in Los Angeles.