The Brain Institute provides a unifying structure and collaborative framework for the many diverse research units that make up the neuroscience community at Pitt. This vast community spans every school within the University. Departments as diverse as anesthesiology, bioengineering, behavioral and community health sciences and disorders, computer science, developmental biology, history and philosophy of medicine, and mathematics all have neuroscientists on their faculties. This reflects the central importance of understanding the brain, how it develops, how it functions normally, and how to protect it from damage and cure it from abnormal function. The task requires a broad, multi-level, and multi-disciplinary approach. In other words, it takes a university.

Listed here are many of the neuroscience centers, institutes, programs, and departments in the Brain Institute.

Centers, Programs, and Institutes

Schools, Departments and Divisions

School of Medicine

Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Swanson School of Engineering

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

School of Computing and Information

School of Nursing

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School of Public Health